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XMASS Space Invader

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Look at thát ! this feels like me 🤗

State of the art tech, computergraphics 👾, camp, juxtapositions, ecclecticism,  clashing beatifully with the real materials on the finished product : a real porcelAIn plate, real gold,  the image baked into the glazing in a blazing hot oven.

So yeah, I did CollAIborate with artificial intelligences, but the endproduct feels définately Arno Coenen 🤡

And I wish my German 🇩🇪 grandmother 👵🍺 was still alive, altough she did her best making it till 100 years old, she would love it, it was her collection of baroque, Meissen style porcelain, Venetian glassware, all with goldluster offcourse, that inspired me to make these wonderfull decorative plates.