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Markthal Fruity Vortex + Silver

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🌟 A decade of creativity, passion, and triumph against the odds! Ten years ago, I embarked with a small team on an incredible journey, designing the immense mural for the iconic Markthal in Rotterdam, a visionary piece by the renowned architect Winnie Maas from MVRDV Architects comissioned by Provast as the wildcard entry, my team and I brought a unique perspective that resonated deeply with the architect, leading us to an unexpected victory.

This project was a collaboration of a lifetime, especially with the unwavering support of Jeroen Everaert , who believed in my potential amidst a sea of established artists.

Now, as we near the 10-year anniversary of the Markthal in 2024, I'm celebrating this milestone with a new artistic venture. My latest creations are decorative plates, blending traditional Delft blue and Meissen styles with a contemporary twist. To commemorate the Market Hall's anniversary, I'm designing a special plate, symbolizing the fusion of art, architecture, and history.