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FIGHT Disruptor

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This one for Matial artists!

The state of Martial arts in the age of social media, cast in porcelain plates

Big part of my life I trained diverse martial arts, judo (brown belt) , kyokushin full-contact karate (blue belt, broken hands) @matules, Thaiboxing @luciencarbin and oldschool kickboxen @jan.oosterbaangym

Mostly for the positive mental effects it had on me, and good exersize for a digital artist 😅

But above all i have a little sister marloes coenen who became 3 time worldchampion MMA!
So this series is dedicated to her, osu! 👊
And I am fascinated by the way youtubestars disrupt the fightsports world, and how social media brought Brittisch bareknukle fighting back in the spotlights.

Good? It's al least interesting and keeps martial arts interesting in the social media age.