Quasi-Apocalyptic Elegance

Explore our 'Urban Elegance' collection, an artistic endeavor born from my experiences at Pasadena Art College and my deep appreciation of Los Angeles. These porcelain plates blend traditional Delft blue artistry with cutting-edge AI-generated imagery, capturing the vibrant essence of Cholo culture alongside the pressing realities of our times, such as climate change. Each plate serves as a canvas that not only reflects the complexity of human existence but also acts as a cultural archive, preserving a snapshot of today's quasi-apocalyptic times for future generations. This collection is not just a homage to the city that shaped me as an artist; it's a participation in the preservation of our current cultural imagery through an AI fantasy. These images are a fluid fusion of the elements I wished to portray, miraculously culminating in artworks that challenge the boundaries of tradition and technology. By owning a piece from this collection, you are not only acquiring a unique artifact but also contributing to the preservation of a visual narrative of our era.

This series is a testament to the power of art to bridge past and present, encapsulating the transient yet impactful essence of today's world in the timeless medium of porcelain.